"We also found a gorgeous hurricane-blue corner cabinet (r), which helps out with storage and display, while giving our kitchen the perfect pop of color.

Lastly, my personal favorite - a stunning walnut antique desk (l) that Lora picked out and restored for me - even though I wasn’t exactly sure what would be good - the only thing I was just a tad certain of was the color (a beautiful soft cream)  As a writer, new wife & homemaker, I can’t even begin to express how much this perfect desk means to me.  It’ll be the place where I journal, write, create, pray and read (all the primary things a lady may need to attend to from time to time).  Lora picked it out for me after listening carefully to my tastes and preferences, putting her own skill and craft into it! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the finished product - it was love at first sight!"

- Bobbie Bauer

Mark and I can't get over how beautiful you made our cabinet. It was exactly what I had envisioned.

- Raffaela, Cincinnati

Lora and her crew are uhhhhhmazing! I took her a massive pine dresser with nothing ever done to it. Base model. I had 9 million ideas of how I thought I wanted it done (texting her all of them along the way!). Lora was so patient and thorough as we tried to work out a creative concept. On spare pieces of wood, she showed me all kinds of shades of gray, with different color waxes, and stains. I wanted rustic, antique, vintage, distressed, and on and on. Even when I couldn’t always find the words to describe what I wanted, Lora understood exactly what I was trying to say. After all that, even after my dresser was in her possession, I changed my mind again....

I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and Lora’s ability to see what my vision was for this dresser. I will definitely be going back to Lora for our next project!!!


                            - Jamie Cooke










Thank you for all you've  done to make my gorgeous dining room happen. All my family was saying it looks like a picture from a magazine! 

You have been amazing to work with and your customer service is absolutely incredible.


     - Angie Hemmelgarn

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